Best SEO in Somerset?

Who’s the best SEO in Somerset? Well, there isn’t a ‘best’ but there are some sure decent SEO providers out there on the market currently in the Somerset county. We have worked with a range of SEO agencies, freelancers and consultants in the Somerset area and a lot of them aren’t anything special, they use SEO techniques from the web and old’ school strategies which don’t make any difference to ranking at all. They only know the fundamentals, they don’t know the secrets.

Recently we have been in touch with a Somerset SEO Consultant and SEO Expert, we’ve had a chat to the fella and wow, he definitely knows his stuff. Over the past year he has been compiling his own strategies which are proven to create results, he has a range of different clients in the South West, including Somerset. He has delivered a clear ROI (Return on Investment) for a range of different companies around Somerset through SEO implementations, auditing and consulting.

I guess you’re thinking – how does an SEO expert create his own strategies, isn’t there a ‘rule book’ of what works and doesn’t? Absolutely not. Yes, there are basic fundamentals to SEO but if you believe that their aren’t secret strategies, or algroithms which Google haven’t officialy released – you are behind the game. An SEO consultant is someone who goes out of their way, tests strategies and see what work and doesn’t work – they record the results and repeat until they have found something which is proven to create results.

We suggest you checkout this Somerset SEO Expert, he knows his stuff’ that’s all we’re saying – you can thank us later.


Agency or Freelancer?

Woah, this can be a difficult one when it comes to deciding whether or not to sign the contract for the SEO agency or the freelance SEO expert which works from home. I guess both have their strengths and weaknesses, but what decision should you make for your company? It really depends. Are you looking for a reliable agency which deliver results, or an SEO freelancer which you can build a close relationship with? I have listed some pro’s and con’s below of a freelance SEO expert, and also an SEO agency:

Con’s of SEO Freelance:

    • Flexibility
    • Cost
    • Specialise in a niche

Con’s of an SEO Agency:

  • Ongoing service
  • Reliable
  • Efficiency
  • Experience

It’s up to YOU to make the decision for your company, do you prefer to cost effective approach but you may not recieve results as promised – or the agency approach which is more expensive, however you may get a better service..

What makes an SEO expert?

A lot of SEO’s consider themselves either a SEO consultant or an SEO expert, so the question here is what makes someone a true expert at the SEO field? Someone who differenitates themselves from the crowd, in other words someone who creates their own techniques and performs their own strategies in order to create something brilliant. If you follow the ‘SEO crowd’ then you are doing something wrong, don’t follow the others – come up with your own techniques.


That is what makes a true SEO expert


Good luck.

Well, hey there.

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